My name is Wyatt, though on the web I am usually addressed as wizardwatch. I am a highschool student with an interest in computer science, especially as it relates to Free Software.


Computer Science

I originally became interested in computer science in the fifth grade. I had just been given a windows laptop and managed to install malware on it months after first learning how to open a web browser. When I realized how little I knew about how the computer worked I had an epiphany, that I simply must learn everything there is to know about computers. My naive self would have never guessed how much there is to know, yet I have never given up on my goal. I hope to one day be able to look back and say somewhat conclusively, I know about computers.


I use NixOS, a GNU/Linux distribution focused on being reproducible, declarative, and by the previous goals, reliable. While I never intend to grow up, when I am forced to start adulting I hope to work with it professionally.


I remember the day I joined band, it was after all one day late. My application wasn’t signed until the day after the final “if you don’t have it in now you are out of luck” date. Fortunately, the importance of that date was greatly overstated, I managed to join band in the sixth grade. I play the Alto and Baritone Saxophone in my school band and am learning the piano, though my piano skills have a long way to go.