2024 Plans

The past couple years have had some big changes! I go to UGA now! I am now focusing on learning biotech, the software for which runs on a recently built homelab. I’ve had a few jobs, and learned so much. It’s been great! Unfortunately, I have failed to document this journey, and it is time to start.

The Past

I have been busy, but everyone is busy. The biggest thing preventing me from writing blog posts is actually a lack of “finished” projects. Perfect is the enemy of good and all of that. As my projects continue to be more novel (and more expensive >_<) I need to change this attitude so that I can benefit from the bazaar, rather than trying to build a cathedral all by myself.

The Present

I am finishing a few major projects soon. I have a homelab running (nearly) exclusively NixOS. The newest addition will be a compute server capable of biological systems modeling to help with my current bio research. I have a relatively complicated nix flake. I have some simple text guides on basic sewing. On and on the list could go. These will begin to trickle out as blog posts soon.

The Future

As I learn more, I hope to build a resource that can be utilized by others. The world of computational biology is fascinating, doing it on NixOS equally so. This will take much time, learning, and work on my part, as well as building a community around these projects.