# WizardWatch's fantastic NixOS config

## Text Editor

I used to use Emacs but became frustrated at its performance and ability to integrate with external programs. I use Kakoune for a while and now use Neovim.

## Window Manager

I prefer using wayland for its frame perfect drawing and my frustrations with x overall. I used sway for a very long time and was happy, but wanted to try a static tiling wm. I switched to Qtile since it is working on a fully featured wayland backend, but found its tiling less then perfect. I then recently switched to river and use kile. I find it very enjoyable. I use eww for my bar on river, waybar on sway and qtile's bar on qtile.

## Hardware

I have 3 monitors. I mainly use my ultrawide and drawing tablet and am considering dropping my side monitor. River does not currently have support for drawing tablet input which is very annoying but understandable given the size of the project. I use a split keyboard (the dygma raise) for my rsi and so that I can put my drawing tablet in the middle.

## Other

I use Home-manager and I'm slowly migrating my configs there. I still maintain software that I don't use, so let me know if anything is broken by [creating an issue.](https://github.com/wizardwatch/flake/issues/new/choose)